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About Us

“We have been around since 2006 and we have extensive expertise in working on both local and international projects. Although we are a youth-owned ICT entity, our team has more than 30 years’ collective experience in providing ICT consulting services and delivering innovative solutions. We are about innovation and bridging technology gaps in business and society”

Tlou Technologies & Consultants (Pty) Ltd is a technology-oriented firm representing the ideals of the new South Africa and providing cutting-edge business solutions suitable for today’s sophisticated global market place.

Tlou Technologies & Consultants (Pty) Ltd exists to provide interface platforms between its clients, markets, data and suitable world-class ICT solutions covering various industries. This is the result of our well embedded approach that delivers service-orientated and support-focused solutions by cutting through the ICT clutter and jargon to arrive at only the best possible outcome desired by our client-partners, namely:

  • Value
  • Return on Investment
  • Trust in their Technology Partner

Tlou Technologies & Consultants (Pty) Ltd offers holistic solutions underpinned by technological expertise, project management experience and long-standing partnerships with industry leading technology and service companies. The fundamental principle of Tlou Technologies is the value-adding approach, which maximises our client partner’s return on investment, whilst providing total solutions and developing strong and sustainable relationships by always seeking win-win opportunities.

We recognise that such values are not only in the interests of the social development of South African society, but are also commercial imperatives of our new global environment.

We always endeavour to operate within the following framework of principles:

  • We treat our client-partners and their businesses with the utmost professionalism, respect, integrity and honesty.
  • In all our projects, we aim to deliver solutions that demonstrate recognisable ROI.

In summary, Tlou Technologies & Consultants (Pty) Ltd’s purpose is:

  • To deliver Value and Return on Business Enablement Investments;
  • To provide an interface to cutting edge and relevant ICT solutions/platforms/approaches, etc.;
  • To develop requirements driven solutions that are tailored to each industry;
  • To offer service-orientated and support-focused solutions; and
  • To become and remain a Trusted Technology Partner.

Vision, Values & Principles

Our vision for the future is therefore to build a truly South African yet global company, with a strong market presence, leadership and industry recognition as a result of our competence in our chosen fields of operation.