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Information Management

Organisations have different levels of data processed every day, to make operational and strategic decisions that affect the organisation at various levels as a result of processed information. Therefore Information management is about individuals and organizations management as much as it is about information technology, database practices, and applications. In order for stakeholders to meet data management goals and standards, all involved in, must understand their associated roles and responsibilities.

Information management is a process involving a broad range of activities from administrative to technical aspects of handling data. Our practice is to assist organisations to establish long-term strategic goals and provide guiding principles for information management in all aspects of a project and/or organization. Define roles and responsibilities associated with the data must be defined, in particular data providers, data owners, and custodians.

A crucial principal in information management is data quality assurance (e.g., quality assurance, quality control) at all stages of the information management process. Data quality involves data verification and validation to maintain and discover accuracy of the data. A practice of documenting data management practices and descriptive metadata for each dataset is maintained.

When it comes to technical aspect of information management we plan and document database specifications based on an understanding of user requirements and data to be used. A clearly defined procedures for updates to the information system infrastructure (hardware, software, file formats, storage media), data storage and backup methods, and the data itself is done.

We provide an on-going plan for data audit to monitor the use and assess effectiveness of management practices and the integrity of existing data. We do data storage and archiving plan and testing of this plan (disaster recovery). A structured on-going and evolving data security approach of tested layered controls to reduce risks to data is done.

We clearly state the criteria for data access and which information is applicable for data control to access data that could affect its use. And document published data that is available and useable to users, with consistent delivery procedures.

Service in Offer

  • Data Mining
  • Data Integration
  • Data Analysis
  • Online Analytical Processing,
  • Data Integrity & Quality Enterprise
  • Data Access Master
  • Data Management


  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Integrator
  • Data Audit
  • Data Security
  • Central Master-Data Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Kimball Techniques