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InsideView Software

Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software

Inside View Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure
and easily centralizes data collection and presents it in rapidly understood read-outs,
through tables, trends and Duval Triangle Analysis.

Differentiating factors:

  • Minimize possibility of errors
  • Save time retrieving information/data
  • Easily accessible yet maintains your security level
  • Accelerates the crucial decision making process


  • Automatic centralization of DGA data
  • Complete diagnostic tools
  • Alarm management and gassing rate
  • Easy deployment and IT friendly

DGA Analysis
Inside View meets and exceeds current standards and offers the following DGA Analysis: Rogers Ratios, IEC 60599 Ratios, Doernenburg Ratios, Key Gas Method, IEEE Recommendations, Trends and Detailed Duval Triangle Analysis.

Seamless Integration
Designed to work faultlessly with our Calisto family of DGA monitors, Inside View can be set to work using predefined standards or customized to use individual alarm settings on each transformer.