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Oil Standards

Unique in the world, Morgan Schaffer’s Oil Standards are crucial when it comes to evaluating laboratory performance. Meant to be used as benchmarks, True North and Atlantis standards are the only way to calibrate complete laboratory test procedures. Would you trust a lab that does not calibrate its test methods?

True North – DGA Oil Standards
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is the most effective way of detecting incipient faults in oil-filled electrical equipment. The accepted methods for performing this test are outlined in the ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567 standards. Both standards require proper calibration of the laboratory equipment used to perform DGA, prior to analyzing oil samples from the field.

Atlantis – Moisture in Oil Standards
Precise and accurate dissolved moisture-in-oil results are also crucial to transformer maintenance decisions. With Atlantis, you can continuously validate the precision and accuracy of your Karl Fischer* method.